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What is Bullying?

Bullying is when an individual or group uses its power and strength to repeatedly, deliberately and intentionally use words or actions against another or a group that hurts, threatens, excludes, harasses or humiliates verbally, physically, psychologically or electronically making the victim feel oppressed, traumatized and powerless.

Bullying can occur in schools, workplaces, sporting clubs, community groups or online. A one-off dispute, incident or day to day conflict and disagreements may not be considered bullying behaviour and may resolve itself, however when these incidents become repetitive, it could be bullying behaviour and should be dealt with promptly.

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If an individual or group is affected by bullying, they should take action. Often victims don’t speak up which further provides reason for the bully to continue the inappropriate behaviour. At Bully Zero Australia Foundation we have strategies to effectively respond to bullying behaviour and we encourage victims to speak up, stand up and have a zero tolerance to all forms of bullying.

We endeavour to support, educate and empower Australians including victims, the bully, their families and friends about the harmful effects of bullying. No Australian deserves to fear or have the sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach before attending school, work, their sporting club or community group because of bullying behaviour by an individual or group.

Types of Bullying.

Every day across Australia, thousands of children, adolescents and adults are suffering the pain and humiliation of being bullied. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Australians are bullied and often scars don’t go away and the effects of bullying can be devastating to the victim, their family and friends.

The Internet has made it possible for bullies to harass their victim 24/7, providing no reprieve. Cyber bullying is intergenerational and is becoming difficult for authorities to control with perpetrators hiding behind fake accounts, a keyboard, IPad or mobile device. The anonymity of cyber bullying allows the bully to write vicious comments leaving behind emotional, rather than physical or verbal scars. Authorities have the jurisdictional power to respond to inappropriate on-line and off-line behaviour and individuals are prosecuted and sentenced to jail terms across Australia.

Bullying in all its forms should not be tolerated. We encourage victims and bystanders to have a zero tolerance to all forms of bullying and take action to ensure there is behavioural change. We all have a duty of care to demonstrate the same level of respect online as we would have off-line.


In Memoriam Allem Halkic

08/09/1991 – 05/02/2009

AllemRoundedOn the morning of 5 February 2009, Ali and Dina Halkic woke to find their sons room empty and a suicide note sitting on his bed. Their fears were confirmed when police officers informed them that their son had tragically passed away after committing suicide. Allem jumped to his death off the Westgate Bridge – Melbourne. >>Read More

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