Welcome to Bully Zero Australia Foundation online.

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to our brand new website.

Bullying in all its forms has never been more prevalent than today and its our role to create awareness and ensure that Australians live fulfilling lives free from all forms of bullying.

We aim for this website to become an invaluable resource for victims and families affected by bullying, in addition to providing a plethora of useful information for schools, employees, employers and the general public on how to respond to bullying.

Watch this space for photos, videos and articles.

Kind Regards

Oscar Yildiz JP CEO

4 Responses to Welcome to Bully Zero Australia Foundation online.

  1. I would like to thank you abi for coming to our school today. I believe that the presentation was excellent. Today I have learnt much more about bullying and the statistics are unbelievable. i have registered myself for the digital detox and will try to raise money with the school for the foundation.

    Thank you, I am hoping to see you soon and we’ll be coming to the dinner, Inshallah.
    ceylan Ramadan (Kemal & Belgin’s daughter)

  2. Hi Ceylan,

    That is fantastic feedback well done and I’m so glad you enjoyed the presentation. As for the Detox registration, well done and I hope your school community engages with the initiative.

    Please say a big hello to your parents.



  3. Hi

    I have just completed a cert IV in mental health. I am passionate in helping others.

    do you have a support person that focuses on helping others with their concerns or issues that they are dealing with.

    i am looking to be the person that someone can contact via email/facebook to vent how they are feeling, to be there to listen to them, not to judge, not to give advice but just be there for support.

    bullying is a cause that i want to be involved in and do what i can to help

    thanks for your time

    kind regards


  4. Hi Kim, Thank you for contacting us. Please call Oscar Yildiz on 0413 850 357 to discuss in more details. Regards, Elyse.