Bobdan Foundation

Mel and Dave Graham are the parents of Jessica Tolhurst, sadly Jessica took her own life at the age of 14 in December last year. Mel and Dave are sharing Jess's story to help raise awareness of the affects of bullying and mental health, they will be involved in the Troll Free Day Radio Special and they will continue their fight for change. Please support them by signing their petition and getting involved in their fundraisers and campaigns. Download Jess Office Petition document here. Follow us on Facebook.

Mel Greig – Sorry trolls, but we’re switching you off

“I’ve made a noose Mel and it belongs around your neck, I can’t wait to watch you take your last breath.” “I’m going to gut you like the pig that you are.” “Eye for an eye, I’m coming for you and your mum.” “You are a fat ugly whore, I’m going to show your husband what he really deserves to have.”

Emily Simms – The Bachelor

When I first made the hesitant decision to turn my life upside down and enter the world of The Bachelor, I knew there would always be some nasty people sharing their thoughts on social media, but never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted the disgraceful level it reached.

Sophie Guidolin – Fitness Model

Sophie is a fitness model and coach with nearly 300k followers on Instagram Website: When I sat down to write a blog on my personal experience with trolls and online bullying, the saddest part has been the realization that I personally experience and have to face online trolling on an everyday basis.

About Troll Free Day

After seeing an increase in trolling and inexcusable online behaviour, Mel Greig created an initiative through the Bully Zero Australia Foundation that will run on the National Day of Awareness against Bullying called Troll Free Day.For Mel, she has experienced the worst kind of trolling and wants to do everything she can to help combat it. Mel struggled to overcome the trolling and it played a big role in her falling into a deep depression, at first she believed everything that was being said to her.