About Troll Free Day

After seeing an increase in trolling and inexcusable online behaviour, Mel Greig created an initiative through the Bully Zero Australia Foundation that will run on the National Day of Awareness against Bullying called Troll Free Day. For Mel, she has experienced the worst kind of trolling and wants to do everything she can to help combat it. Mel struggled to overcome the trolling and it played a big role in her falling into a deep depression, at first she believed everything that was being said to her.

MEL: “If, as an adult I struggled so extremely with it . . . how is a child supposed to understand and deal with online bullying? This is about everyone with a social media account.”

Media Support

Troll Free Day 2016 had incredible support from the Media and for the first time in Australia, one of the country’s most interactive opinion and news sites disabled their comments for 24hrs.

Grant Broadcasters aired a 1 hour radio special across 20 radio networks with a reach of 2 million people on Friday March 18th. Troll Free Day also had the support from the biggest commercial radio networks in Australia who got involved online or by talking to Mel Greig on-air about the initiative.

TV Networks showed their support through various interviews and segments as well and we are hoping 2017 is just as successful but with even more impact, we need everyone on board to help combat cyber-bullying.

What can I do?

Sit down with family, friends and work mates and listen to the 1 hour Troll Free Day Radio Special on Friday March 16th. It will air across Australia on majority of Grant Broadcaster Stations or you can listen live at 8am on or listen to the Podcast from 9am.

SEGMENT 1 – Opener and Introduction to the radio special
SEGMENT 2 – We chat to 10-12 year olds about bullying
SEGMENT 3 – Linda Trevan lost her daughter Cassidy to suicide at the age of 15
SEGMENT 4 – Mel Greig goes one on one with a Troll who trolled her
SEGMENT 5 – Mel Doyle talks about trolling in the spotlight
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Please download one of the Meme’s to help raise awareness for Cyber-Bullying


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Various celebrities, experts and Ambassadors are available for interviews and comment.

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