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Launch (2)
Bully Zero Australia Foundation launch – 16 March 2013. Pictured – Hon. Craig Ondarchie MP, Former Prime Minister Hon. Julia Gillard MP, Former CEO of Bully Zero Australia Foundation Oscar Yildiz.

Why Bully Zero Australia Foundation?

Allem Halkic was a teenager with a promising future until he tragically committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying. In 2015 more than 2,500 Australians committed suicide, that’s equivalent to 8 a day and 184 attempts are made daily. Bullying is a factor in some of these deaths and many could have been prevented if there was intervention.

As Mayor of the City of Moreland in 2010/2011 and 2012/2013, Oscar Yildiz JP a passionate advocate against bullying with the fantastic support of Peter Fitz (communications manager), led the developments of the bullying is a crime/cyber bullying CALDcom storyboards to inform his residents about the harmful effects of bullying. This initiative won the Australian local government award in Canberra (ACT) in 2012. Oscar launched these storyboards with families that had lost their children to bullying/cyber bullying. He quickly developed personal relationships with these families.

After hearing of the suicide of yet another teenager Sheniz Erkan to cyber bullying, Oscar called on Ali Halkic to accompany him to the Erkan family home. It was that night that Oscar felt there was a huge gap with the existing charities and organizations in responding to such tragedies. The destruction and pain Oscar felt that evening was incomprehensible. He left the home and made a call to his friend Shannon Deery and the seeds were planted. Oscar quickly forged a unique group of driven and passionate individuals with a common goal and the idea of a Foundation was born.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation Established

A month doesn’t pass where we don’t see the loss of life to bullying in Australia. There are many stories of teenagers and adults who tragically end their lives after enduring unbearable, persistent and callous bullying either through their school, workplace, sporting club, community group or through social media.

In April 2012 a group of passionate individuals consisting of families of bullying victims, senior members of the police force, volunteers, psychologists, lawyers, teachers, politicians and professionals from various backgrounds established a Foundation like no other.

Channel 7 reporter and now Bully Zero Ambassador Nick McCallum attended the first meeting in Oscar’s home to prepare a news item which appeared on Channel 7 News – Monday 26th February 2012 at 6.14pm.

The Bully Zero Australia Foundation was launched by former Hon. Prime Minister Julia Gillard MP and Hon. Craig Ondarchie MP on March 16, 2013. The Foundation has gained support from various charity partners, ambassadors, media, sponsors and businesses.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation is a not-for-profit charity with DGR status and as at 14 April 2016 is the fastest growing charity in Australia.

We are a certified provider of cyber safety programs Nationally by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, a preferred provider of bullying prevention programs by schools, workplaces sporting clubs and community groups.

Bully Zero is also one of the only organisations in Australia that continues to deliver the cyber safety prevention program nationally to schools, community groups and sporting clubs.

In addition we are now a partner and the preferred provider for workplace bullying prevention programs by WorkSafe Victoria.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation members are passionate about establishing a zero-tolerance culture of bullying and are committed to working tirelessly to empower, educate and prevent all forms of bullying on a National scale.

Point Of Difference

The key advantages and differentiators of Bully Zero is the makeup of the people willing to support the Foundation.  We have representation from:

  • A committed board, committees, ambassadors and charity partners.
  • Families and friends of bullied victims.
  • IT specialists, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, teachers and counsellors.
  • Marketing and workplace experts.
  • Support from Victorian and Brisbane Police.
  • Federal, state and local politicians.
  • Media personnel.
  • Various professionals from employment to fundraising backgrounds.
  • The Foundation will continue to leverage the families of bullying victims in communicating and educating Australians about the harmful effects of bullying. We have received ongoing feedback and identified that messages delivered by these families is effective and powerful. We thank them for their dedication.


The vision of Bully Zero Australia Foundation is to protect and empower Australians to live fulfilling lives free from all forms of bullying.

Bully Zero has an appointed Board of Directors,  Ambassadors and Volunteers.


The mission of Bully Zero Australia Foundation is to provide genuine and enduring care for bullying victims and their families.

We are dedicated and committed to raising awareness of bullying and its devastating consequences through schools, workplaces, sporting clubs and community groups. We aim to empower Australians and provide them with hands on educational strategies to prevent bullying.

We are passionate about establishing a zero-tolerance culture of bullying in Australia and will work tirelessly to lobby all forms of government to ensure anti-bullying laws are implemented and enforced Nationally. We stand united in our quest to create a tomorrow where our children and adolescents live fulfilling lives free from all forms of bullying.

To the Halkic, Erkan, Walker, Penpraze, Cleland families and the many more victims, their family and their friends who have lost loved ones, we acknowledge, remember and thank you for supporting the Foundation. Your loved ones have not died in vein.

We are proud to have some fantastic organisations supporting our fight to reduce the pain and suffering endured by thousands of Australians Nationally, to them we say a big thank you.

Meet The Board


Adam Centorrino – Acting Chief Executive Officer & Director/Board Member

“If we are to create a safer nation for every generation then immediate action against bullying must be taken through proper and effective education platforms.”

Adam was born and raised in Melbourne, he has exceptional IT skills and has over 8 years’ experience in managing Centorrino Technologies (IT Company located in the North of Melbourne). Adam prioritises the welfare of his workers through recognising that a harmonious and safe workplace is essential for success within his business endeavours.

Adam affirms that bullying is a global issue with its impacts felt in almost all professional and social environments. He has the ability to empathise with individuals and continues to support and contribute to delivering the Foundations vision.

Shane Gillard

Shane Gillard – Chairman & Director/ Board Member

Bullying is a huge issue in today’s society, it starts in the school yard and transfers into the workplace, something that I see in my role far too often. One bullying event is too many, it is unacceptable anti-social behaviour that must be stopped. Only by working together will we put an end to bullying once and for all.” 

Shane spent more than 20 years in management and leadership positions across a range of sectors and specialty areas including engineering, manufacturing, logistics, construction, training, recruitment and labour hire.

As head of operations and emergency management at WorkSafe Victoria, he played a key role in the regulation of health and safety laws in Victoria for over a decade. He leads a workforce of more than 100 safety inspectors and maintains strong links with industry experts to help employers and workers get home safely.

While compliance is a major priority for his inspectorate, Shane is equally passionate about continually raising awareness of the far-reaching consequences of unsafe workplaces and practices – from the commercial and social impacts to personal devastation for individuals and their loved ones – through proactive stakeholder and community education. Shane is a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Ali Halkic – Director/ Board Member

“If only I understood the impact of Social Media. I thought my son Allem was safe in his bedroom and he couldn’t get hurt. I was wrong and I paid the ultimate price and lost him to cyber bullying. Life will never be the same for me, his mother, friends and our families.”

Ali’s son, Allem was a 17 year old vivacious teenager with a promising future until he tragically fell victim to cyber bullying. Since his death Ali has been strenuously working to educate Australians about the dangers and devastating impact of cyber bullying.

He successfully lobbied the Victorian state government to introduce the barriers on the Westgate Bridge – Melbourne, which have helped prevent hundreds of suicides.

Ali is well respected by the media and various stakeholders, he devotes much of his time to the Foundations vision and continues to assist in the delivery of bullying prevention programs. He is an inspiration and an unselfish individual who empowers so many without any expectation.


Heather Hawkins – Director/Board Member

“Bullying can often start as a school yard problem, however if we fail to act swiftly and responsibly, it can evolve into a larger social concern. Bullying must not be ignored or underestimated, we all have a moral obligation to respond.”

As a Teacher and Principal at Essendon Keilor College, Niddrie Campus, Heather works closely with students, teachers and parents on individual cases of bullying. She strongly believes that bullying is a wider community problem and is not simply an internal issue that is suffered by schools or workplaces.

Through her community and organisational work, Heather advocates a zero tolerance approach to bullying, reverberating the message that bullying is not an issue of the school playground but rather a significant social issue affecting hundreds and thousands Nationally. She joined the Board to take action against an issue that affects 1 in 5 Australians.


Michael Jansen – Director/Board Member

“Employers have a responsibility to provide a workplace free from all forms of bullying, harassment and intimidation. The Foundation delivers effective workshops and seminars to educate workers and employers about the devastating impact bullying can have in the workplace.”

Michael is General Manager of Apprenticeships Matter – a national apprenticeship centre that takes care of thousands of apprentices and trainees Nationally. He’s tasked with the duty of ensuring his apprentices and trainees receive the best possible education to improve and develop their skills and knowledge within a professional environment that is safe and free from all forms of bullying.

Michael pledges to be an active Board member to educate workers, employers, apprentices, trainees and the wider community on acceptable workplace behaviours and practices. Michael has exceptional communication, interpersonal and organisational skills to offer the Foundation.